In 1993, the burial chambers of an ice maiden were discovered in the Altai Mountain range in Siberia. Buried more than 2,500 years ago, archaeologists found her entombed with two bridled horses, an ornate feast and jar of cannabis. The young woman, referred to by some as the Ice Princess, was well-preserved thanks to the permafrost. Some 20 years later, an MRI was performed on the maiden’s body and it was discovered that she suffered from stage 4 breast cancer. This discovery, along with the jar of cannabis kept alongside her, led researchers to believe she was the first recorded example of humans using cannabis as medicine.

When we learned of this story we could not help but be awed and inspired. We named our line of artisanal cannabis edibles “Altai” in homage to the Ice Princess and where she called home. The permafrost preservation also allowed scientists to study her extensive collection of tattoos. One of them, a caribou, lives on through the packaging of our cannabis edibles.